A Shreveport Early Childhood Care Center has had their license stripped, after a child was left on a hot bus after a field trip. In addition to losing their license, the Louisiana Department of Education has also pulled all public funding from the facility.

The Little Union Learning Center on Milam Street in Shreveport caught the attention of state officials after a field trip on June 14th. When the bus of children returned to the child care center, most of the children left the bus. However when a family member arrived to pick up a child, they were not found. It wasn't until after the bus was checked that the child was found sleeping in a seat at the back of the bus.

Though the initial estimates from the staff said the child was alone on the bus for 3 minutes, state officials say they believe it was closer to 20 minutes.

State officials add that the Little Union Learning Center failed to report the incident to the State within the 24-hour period that is expected during a "critical incident". The State also found that the staff did not conduct a head-count of the children on the bus.

Now the Little Union Learning Center has roughly two weeks to appeal the decision to strip their license and funding eligibility.

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