In my life, I've seen a lot of divorces. I've even see some ugly ones. But, I've never seen a divorce quite like this one. DeMario Clark, Lisa McKinney and Stanneisha McKinney are all behind bars after the trio was arrested by Caddo Sheriff's Deputies for forging divorce papers.

Clark allegedly had divorce papers drawn so he could officially be done with his estranged wife. However, he never let his actual wife in on the plan. According to the arrest report, Clark, his new girlfriend Lisa and her daughter fabricated court documents so Clark could get rid of his wife and start a new life.

Clark allegedly had divorce paper's drawn. He then had his girlfriend's daughter Sanneisha forge his wife's name on the paperwork to make it official. His girlfriend also served as a witness in the divorce papers to say that Clark's marriage was broken and had suffered irreversible damage. A Caddo court granted Clark his divorce on August 1st.

The wife was unaware that she was divorced from her husband until she talked with Clark's grandmother, who had a copy of the divorce papers at her house. Once made aware of the situation, the wife filed a complaint and the trio was taken into custody.

Clark faces charges of filing false public records. Lisa and Stanneisha McKinney face forgery charges.

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