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What looked like a downtown Shreveport success dream, is quickly turning into a nightmare.  The ever-popular Dripp Donuts on Texas Street in downtown recently announced they had to shut down because of structural faults in their building.

Dripp Donuts Facebook
Dripp Donuts Facebook

It was unknown how long repairs would take before the shop could reopen, but now it seems, it won't be.  Dripp Donuts announced via their Facebook page that they are closing the downtown location permanently.

Since that announcement, rumors and accusations have been proffered as to who/what/why....  the city of Shreveport on Tuesday released the following statement:


Statement Regarding Dees Building/Dripp Donuts

April 16, 2024, 11:25 a.m.

 I serve concurrently as the Interim Director of DSDC2, Inc., Downtown Shreveport Development Corporation, and the Downtown Development Authority (DDA).  The DSDC2, Inc. is the owner of 421 Market (Dees Building/Dripp Donuts). The DDA does not own and has no control over that property.

 Turning to the building located at 421 Market, Dripp Donuts contacted DSDC2 and reported that a large crack had suddenly appeared in the north wall of the building. DSDC2 promptly contacted its contractor, who inspected the crack and told DSDC2 that it was necessary and prudent to hire a structural engineer to inspect the building, which it did immediately. The structural engineer inspected the building and issued a report that it was structurally unsound, was at risk of collapsing at any time without warning and recommended that it be demolished as soon as possible. The DSDC2 received the same recommendation from other experts. Accordingly, primarily out of concern for the safety of Dripp’s owners, employees and all its patrons, DSDC2 then notified Caleb King (Dripp Donuts owner) that Dripp would have to vacate the building immediately. It then worked with Dripp, through the parties’ respective legal counsel, to have as many items as possible of Dripp’s furniture, fixtures, and equipment removed from the building that could be removed safely.

 The DDA has no connection whatsoever to Dripp Donuts or the 421 Market property. In fact, the DDA is a political subdivision created by an act of the Louisiana Legislature in 1978.

 DDA is very supportive of Dripp Donuts and was in favor of the business locating in the former Dees Building in 2022. The Board of Directors of the DDA understands the hardship the unexpected structural issue with the building has caused for Dripp Donuts and its patrons. It also understands that the safety of Dripp’s owners, employees and patrons was the paramount concern that required 421 Market Street to be vacated. The DDA stands ready to work with Dripp Donuts as it seeks continuation of its business in downtown Shreveport. 

 Janie Landry

Interim Director

Downtown Development Authority

Downtown Shreveport Development Corporation

DSDC2, Inc.

Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon, so local business can thrive and prosper, and downtown Shreveport can continue to grow.

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