Shreveport is kicking off a real time crime center. This high tech room is another tool in the effort to fight crime and make our city safer.

Mayor Adrian Perkins says crime is not just a police or government problem. He encourages all citizens to step up and help.  This facility will include live feeds from cameras all over the community. The city is encouraging business and homeowners to make your camera feed available as part of this program. The city will only use those private camera images to help in a crime situation.

Chief Technology Officer Keith Hanson says this center has the capability of monitor several camera feeds from all over the community and that data can be stored for 30 days. This center could be up and going in early September.

Police Chief Ben Raymond says this is not about hiding something from the public. He says this puts the criminals in our community on notice that we are watching you and we will catch you if you continue to commit crimes and acts of violence.

Hanson says "we are not trying to keep tabs on all of us." This is simply a crime fighting tool. He adds "this is yet another innovative rollout. We have our own cameras that will be going out in prime spots throughout our community."

Hanson says he and other city leaders visited similar operations are several other communities before moving forward with this operation.

This facility will also include camera feeds from homeowners and businesses who have agreed to take part. But again, Hanson says these feeds will not be used to monitor any citizens daily activity. They will only be used for follow up in the event of a crime situation.

Click here if you want to register your camera or get more information.

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