Crawfish have been available for a couple of weeks now, but demand has been low because the early crawfish were really small, and the prices were really high.  In fact, a pound of those small crawfish could set you back up to $10 a pound.

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Louisiana Fishermen Anxious About The Future As Oil Slick Gulf Coast
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But crawfish prices have started to settle back down to near normal levels over the past several days. Laney King, Crawfish App co-founder said:

“Consumers refuse to pay those really high prices for crawfish and so there was low demand, high supply, when that happens prices have to come down,” said King.

The good news for football fans is that prices are coming down just in time for those Super Bowl parties across the Arklatex.  Right now crawfish lovers can expect to pay around $6 a pound for boiled crawfish, and around $3.50 a pound for medium-sized live crawfish.

“Which translates to about $100 to $125 a sack, a lot better than the $200 a sack in mid-January,” said King.

Crawfish season varies from year to year depending on various factors, mostly related to weather. According to WeLoveCrawfishCrawfish season in Louisiana will run from mid-January through early-July, with the peak months being March, April and May. Crawfish from farms are available over a longer period of the year.  It's still very early in the crawfish season, so the bugs aren't where they're eventually going to be as far as size and quality.

“For this time of year, you can not expect to have those large select crawfish, but they are a nice medium-to-large mix, better than what we expected,” said King.

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