Centenary College of Louisiana is no stranger to landing high on national ranking lists. They've been named a Tier One National Liberal Arts College, a Top National Liberal Arts College, and have been praised for their return on investment for students. Just to name a few honors.

But what I find odd, is that with all of this national attention and clout, people in Shreveport and Bossier City seem to keep forgetting the school is here.


But it is, and its been here for a long time. The campus is nestled right in the middle of Shreveport, and its gorgeous. It honestly looks pretty out-of-place when you walk around the campus. Statues, beautiful brick buildings, clean sidewalks...smiles...the whole thing seems like a parallel universe compared to what is just on the borders of the campus.

Centenary College has landed another top 10 ranking, and it shouldn't be ignored. Even if its a little hard to understand, but we'll explain. Centenary landed in the Top 10 of liberal arts colleges in U.S. News & World Report Social Mobility Ranking.

So what does "social mobility" mean? Its a term that defines citizens moving between socioeconomic statuses. Its used in higher education to measure a schools ability to take in a student who is at an economic disadvantage, and raise them up thorough their education and degree. Its a pretty good metric to measure the value of a school.

Which means the fact that Centenary College in Shreveport ranked at #8 in the nation in the U.S. News & World Report Social Mobility Rankings for liberal arts schools is pretty impressive. It means that the school has a tangible ability to provide value to improve a student's life.

One of the big reasons Centenary hit the high ranking is their Centenary Affordability Pledge, or CAP. This CAP program is a way for the school to provide full tuition for incoming Louisiana students who qualify for Pell Grants and TOPS. The CAP program will cover the remaining tuition after Pell Grants and TOPS are applied. Covering the full tuition exposure for Louisiana students.

So if you know a local kid looking for an affordable, quality college education, maybe don't forget about Centenary this time around.

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