SHREVEPORT, LA - We have been doing a lot of talking lately about pay for Shreveport City workers.  There have been claims that SPAR Director Shelly Ragle was given a $25,000 pay raise this year. I asked CAO Tom Dark about that claim and he told me the raise for Ragle was no where near that amount. He also told me claims by members of the Council that he (Dark) would be getting a hefty raise were also not true.

Photo - Amanda Currier
Photo - Amanda Currier

I submitted a public records request for all of the salaries of city employees. I now have that data and will be sharing it with you. I did find that there were a few people at city hall that got a raise. Ragle's salary was bumped up by about $11,000 to put her in line with what other department heads were making. Prior to this raise, she was actually supervising a male staff member who was making more than she made. Most police and firefighters also got a raise, but the majority of that comes from state supplemental pay.

Several people have been promoted and that typically comes with a higher pay check.

A few of the top brass in the water and sewer department were given increases since the beginning of the year.

You do have to remember, all city workers were given a 13% pay raise last year. So I would not expect another across the board raise for all workers this year and maybe not even next year. I would not be surprised if city leaders do try to address police pay because the numbers keep declining as more and more officers leave the force.

I have put together a list of all the city workers who make more money that the Mayor. Keep in mind, the Mayor did not get that 13% increase last year. You can check out the list and see more than 70 workers who fall ahead of the Mayor on the pay scale. You won't be surprised by the top 5, but you might be surprised to see the rest of this list.

Who Are the Highest Paid Employees at Shreveport City Hall?

Shreveport City Salaries


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