It is time to make your decision on how you are going to vote on the five bond propositions on the ballot in Shreveport.

The total price tag is about $242 million dollars.

Voter turnout is not expected to reach 10%. Early voting was very dismal. We are 2 weeks away from Christmas and folks are very busy.

The proposition that is getting the most attention is Prop 1 for police and fire. It's about $70 million dollars and includes $27 million to build a new police station.

Many people are on the fence about this one.

What Do Shreveport Residents Think About the Bond Proposals?

We got several comments on the Shreveport Security Systems KEEL message board about this election:

"I am voting for number one. Like Nicholson said it’s not perfect but it’s good."

"My husband is retired SFD. We learned years ago that tax proposition monies can be siphoned off from original use. We have witnessed zero maintenance on equipment and fire stations. How does a fires department let every truck in service need to be replaced at one time! That blows my mind! PS.. we moved to Bossier"

"Sounds like the police department needs an exterminator service and cleaning service not w new building. Who is the department head that let it get this way?"

"So I'm a cop, I work at SPD. I'm an investigator that is in that building for about 60% of the day. Imagine you at your computer typing on a case, and BOOOM a rat races across your office. Imagine you look up and in the light fixtures you see dead roaches, rat poop, mold, water stains. Or when you walk in at 8am to work, and you are met with a sewage smell. It's always easy to say no because you because you are not working in those conditions. But how can we as police officers give it our best when we working in those conditions?"

"These buildings are so old that abating the asbestos is more expensive than building new. Maybe we should go back to those who build, who get the construction contracts. Are they not qualified to build?"

"I do think our officers deserve better but it is hard for me as a voter to approve something that deep down I know will not be used properly."

"Has maintenance not been figured into the budget all these years for these buildings? Pest control can’t cost that much, when you have a plumbing problem, you call a plumber!"

"What aggravates me most is that the people who bungled and mismanaged us into this mess in Shreveport will never be held accountable. Why should I give my money to yet another set of faceless autocrats? Let’s Go City of Forbing!"

attachment-ELECTION DAY

"You must vote yes in order to change things. You cannot keep penalizing current or future bodies of government for something citizens did. You elected them and did not hold them accountable in the past. Now we have the opportunity to change things."

"The city of Shreveport has been dysfunctional for decades. They can’t even keep the street lights on. It’s the very reason I commute to Shreveport from Longview."

"How can you trust a councilman that tells you up front they can reallocate funds on a bond issue as they see fit?"

Our KEEL Survey shows most folks are against 2-4, but Proposition 1 does look like it might have a chance of passing.

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