Shreveport's own Kendrick Farris is getting some national attention these days and it's more to do with his diet than his athletic skills.

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The Olympic powerlifter is a vegan and does not eat meat. He finds alternative ways to get the protein he needs in his diet. He is now starring in a national TV commercial pitching pistachios. But he also has a funny side as you will see in this commercial.

Farris was also spotlighted in the documentary The Game Changers which shines a spotlight on several high profile athletes who are also vegan. That list includes Arnold Schwarzenegger, tennis player Novak Djokovic, Jackie Chan and F1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

So you might wonder what does an Olympic caliber weight lifter eat to get the necessary protein. Farris posted a video giving you an idea about his diet and everything he eats to during the day. He says he eats between 2500 and 3500 calories a day when he is in training mode.


Farris says "I have a high metabolism and am extremely active so my calories are higher than most especially since I am more of an ectomorph."  Farris also lives his life Fluoride free, but says "of course taking showers and other factors are unavoidable to contributing to some exposure to fluoride."

Farris competed in the Olympics in 2008 in Bejing, 2012 in London and 2016 in Brazil.

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