The US Army wants to thank all of the truck drivers, grocery store workers, restaurant employees, emergency medical technicians, law officers and everyone else working on the frontline providing the community with the essential goods and services it needs during this difficult time. Thank you for your service.

The Army also wants to thank those who continuously serve on the frontline at all times regardless of the situation or what is happening in the world: our service members. They also live, support, work and raise their families in our community. The U.S. Army is answering the call to support our nation in its fight against COVID-19 by providing medical personnel, resources and research.

The local Shreveport Army Recruiting Station is still working to secure the next great generation of Soldiers to ensure our nation is able to continue to support that call in the future. They shifted their recruiting efforts to a virtual environment with things such as hitting the sticks challenging their Esports Team, staying in shape at home with its Warrior Fitness Team workouts, or catching a concert from As You Were, the Army’s national touring pop-rock band.

The Army paused shipment to basic training to ensure appropriate procedures are in place to protect the health and safety of its current Soldiers and those joining its ranks. The Army is committed to taking care of its Future Soldiers and ensuring they maintain the ability to become Soldiers when it is safe for them to do so, which is why the Army established a new Future Soldier to Active Duty Program to assist Future Soldiers who are experiencing extreme hardship because of delays related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program allows select Future Soldiers to become active-duty Soldiers and receive pay before shipping to basic training. Delayed Future Soldiers who do not meet the criteria for the Future Soldier to Active Duty Program will be eligible for a Delayed Shipping Incentive ranging from $2,000 to $6,000, depending on the length of the delay.

U.S. Army Recruiting Company Shreveport via Facebook

Future Soldiers can qualify for higher ranks if they served in the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Civil Air Force Air Patrol and Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. Applicants can also refer other applicants and count completed college courses to qualify for higher ranks. The advanced enlistment grades can mean up to $400 more per month depending on the ranked approved for the individual.

Throughout history the nation has called and the Army always answers. America’s Army will rise to any challenge in support of our country. Now, it is our turn, the community, to support our Army. If you or someone you know might be interested in a career with the U.S. Army, click here for more information.