Shreveport Police conducted a sting operation with the Caddo Sheriff's Office and the FBI and arrested several area men accused of soliticiting a prostitute. One of the men arrested was 70-year-old John Settle a local blogger and former attorney.

Aggrieved in a fender bender
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An undercover police officer posed as a prostitute in each of the cases.

We caught up with Settle after he bonded out of jail on Saturday and he had no comment on his arrest.

This has sparked a debate on social media about prostitution and whether or not it should be legal in Louisiana.

Several countries including German, New Zealand, Austria, Brazil, Greece and many others have legalized prostitution. Is that the right thing to do?

I've talked with many people about this over the weekend and I have serious issues with legalized prostitution. As many have told me, it would be yet another step in the direction of an imorale society. Please don't think I'm holier than though. But think about it before you say "these are 2 consenting adults". Is that really true? I've talked to people who work to fight sex trafficking and they tell me prostitution is one of the primary ways victims of sex trafficking are abused.  The experts will tell you 95% of prostitutes are not consenting to this activity. Many of them are forced into the industry by pimps or others who control them. Others are drug addicts who find this is the only way to earn money to buy drugs. Often prostitutes trade sex for drugs.

It also bothers me to hear people talk about without thinking about the human costs. These are women. Many were abused as children. Most of them need help. Legalizing prostitution treats women like a commodity, something you can buy and sell. Is that the right message to send to our children?

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