City leaders will be hosting prayer gatherings at intersections around the city next month. The goal is to pray to end the violence in our community. These events will happen on Saturday, June 5th.

Councilwoman LeVette Fuller told KEEL News "you can throw your hands up in the air and say I don't have enough officers. I don't know what you want me to do. And you can't keep saying it's the parents fault. I don't know what to do. At some point, we have to intervene."

Fuller also calls for more accountability in the police department.

KEEL News asked her if she is calling for a new police chief. She says "when I look at the data and where we are right now, in the last 5 or 6 years prior to this, we would not have allowed this to go on for this long. So what's different now?"

She also wants to see a plan from the chief on what he is doing to address our violent crime problem. We again asked her if Chief Ben Raymond should be replaced and she said "if he were Crump (referring to former police chief Alan Crump), he would be gone by now. Two years of violent crime being where it is, knowing that in January of 2019 he removed the Community Response Units and we start to see the uptick in violent crime. But all we are doing is saying the community won't work with us."

Councilman Jerry Bowman also wants to see a plan from the chief for addressing the crime problem. "We need to have tough conversations with each other all the way around but I am tired of tiptoeing around the issue with the chief not having a plan."

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