We might see some changes to the high school football schedule this fall because of a shortage of referees. The Louisiana High School Association is looking for more referees for football and volleyball which begins as we start the new school year.

2020 High School Football Season Kicks Off in Indiana
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LHSAA assistant executive director Lee Sanders says they need at least four-thousand officials to cover all the games schedule across the state.

This could mean some Friday night football games will be moved to Thursday night or Saturday to make sure enough officials are available to handle the games.

Football referees can earn up to $100 dollars a game plus travel expenses. Volleyball officials make at least 60-dollars a match plus travel. Volleyball matches are typically over in about an hour.

2020 High School Football Season Kicks Off in Texas
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One of the big problems facing the state is a problem in many other industries, a shortage of workers. There are many officials who stop working after a year or two. One of the big issues has been verbal abuse by fans.

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