Crime is the focus of many leaders in Shreveport as a rash of shootings has left 3 people dead including a 4-year-old boy and a teenage boy. Several people are calling for more action in the fight against crime.

City Councilman Willie Bradford has written a letter to State Senator Greg Tarver asking for help from the State Police to patrol city streets. And now KEEL News has obtained a copy of the letter Senator Tarver has written to the Governor urging him to find ways to help battle crime in Shreveport.

Tarver letter

KEEL News also received this response from the Mayor on the issue of crime in Shreveport:

“We appreciate any agency or individual that is committed to bettering our community and assisting our City in its efforts to continue decreasing crime. We recognize that crime reduction requires each of us to remain vigilant and to suggest positive solutions. We welcome the Parish’s offer to help as we did with the police cars,” said Mayor Ollie Tyler.

“I hope that those who truly want crime to decrease in our community will come together to help organize efforts with their faith-based organizations and other groups in high crime neighborhoods. We must focus on removing all those individuals who commit these heinous crimes from our community and also anyone committed to aiding or protecting them. Our police officers put their lives on the line daily, and have made significant progress in reducing violent and other type crimes over the past months. We owe a debt of gratitude to them for their relentless efforts and because each day, they stand between us and danger.”

Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator has offered to help patrol the city, but to this point, city leaders have not taken him up on this offer.

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