Shreveport City Councilman Willie Bradford says we must do something to battle crime in our community. Several recent murders (including the shooting death of a young child) have prompted the councilman to reach out for help. Bradford has written a letter to State Senator Greg Tarver urging him to call on State Police to help fight crime in Shreveport.

Bradford Letter to Tarver
4-year-old Messiah Murphy died while riding inside his family's car in Allendale. The little boy was shot in the head when dozens of shots were fired at the car he was in.
Saturday, 15-year-old Leondre Spates was shot to death next to a bullet riddled stolen Jeep SUV on Hearne at Quinton Street.

Early Monday morning a man was found shot to death on the parking lot of Highland Park on Coty Street.

Caddo Commissioner Steven Jackson also wants to find ways to help fight crime in Shreveport. But his plan to spend $1 million dollars on Shotspotter  technology which provides cameras that can be used in high crime neighborhoods. But his fellow commissioners voted against putting the item on the agenda on a 5-5 vote.

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