Louisiana Senator John Kennedy is always good for a one liner or a sound bite. But the tweet he put up today might take the cake.

Senator Kennedy is fighting to keep voter ID laws in place across the country. But he faces opposition from many Democrats. This opposition prompted Kennedy to send out a highly critical tweet including this gem:

Democrats who don't see the need for voter ID requirements are either "so dumb, you lose your place during sex' or they want to cheat.


Kennedy told "Hannity" on Fox that he is sorry several Texas lawmakers who fled the Lone Star state for Washington DC last week have tested positive for coronavirus. But he says they are simply "playing the victim" over this voter ID legislation.

Kennedy says these Texas democrats fit right in in our nation's capitol which is the epicenter of double standards. He says "This place, as you know, is a lot like high school except no one ever graduates.”

The proposed Texas law would not allow 24-hour polling places and it would also ban drive-thru voting. It also adds voter ID requirements for any ballots sent in the mail.

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