Senator Cassidy joined the show today to speak about one of the hot-button issues facing our country today. Police reform. The interview started with Robert asking about  defunding police. He replied "What a great solution for robbers and rapists". He went on to talk about how defunding would make for a bedlam of criminal activity. As well as how those who support defunding the police probably don't believe in the 2nd amendment, so they have no way to protect themselves with no police.

The conversation shifted to police reform. Cassidy told of a time he called a New Orleans police officer to ask about their police reform post Hurricane Katrina. "It was a tough go. It could have been done better. But, at the end of it, we put in programs that if they had had in Minnesota, George Floyd would still be alive." He went on to say "We can have reform. But, as far as defunding, bad idea."

We then moved on to federal legislation involving police reform. Cassidy went on to talk about police culture, saying "In a big department, you cannot change from within. The culture outlasts a new chief and new mayor." going on to explain that an outside force is needed to make sure the culture of the department is appropriate for properly serving the community. All-in-all Cassidy seemed to be pro police reform, and anti defunding the police.

Check the whole interview in the video above and give us some feedback about what you think should be done.

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