A bill to ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected passes in the Senate and is now on the way to the House.  The measure is approved on a 31-5 vote.

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The author, Shreveport Senator John Milkovich told his colleagues there is key evidence showing that life exists at the moment of conception, which why he supports this measure and other restrictions on abortion.

The Governor says he will sign this measure if it makes it to his desk. The measure won't go into effect immediately. It would not go into effect until a similiar bill in Mississippi goes into effect.

This debate did spark a little battle in the Senate when New Orleans Senator Karen Carter Peterson criticized Milkovich calling him a hypocryte for saying "if they are human and they have a heartbeat, I'm not for killing them", but just before this vote, Milkovich voted against a bill barring the death penalty.

The Shreveport Senator expressed his opposition to abortion, but did not comment on his death penalty vote.

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