Sen. Bill Cassidy talks about the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court and the opposition he expects from Senate Democrats.

Barret, whose selection was announced by the President last Friday, will now prepare for her appearance before the Senate Judiciary committee.

"She is exceptionally well qualified," says Cassidy, "As a jurist, as a writer, as an American. I think the left fears her because she is a woman of faith who practices her faith."

"For America, she is going to be a great jurist," the Senator continues, "She is smart, she relates to the average American's experience. The (Democrat Senators) are going to be beside themselves. It's going to be an interesting hearing, but I do think she'll end up taking her place on the bench."

"I think it's important for the American people to see that there's fair play," responding to a question about the upcoming hearing, "I think they'll learn a lot. It's not just the Senators judging. It's also the public."

Cassidy then defends the President's nomination over Democrat protests that it's too close to an election. "The difference is," he says, "Is that the last time this happened the President (Obama) was of one party and the Senate majority was of another. Since then, we've elected a Republican President and increased the number of Republican Senators. The American people have declared themselves."



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