This is one of the cutest things you will probably see today. We get our first look at a new baby zebra at the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, Texas.
Her name is Amali which means hope in Swahili.

Zoo officials say she is doing great and behaving as expected. But she doesn't go too far away from mom.

Mammal Supervisor at the zoo, Michelle Shockley says “She followed mom great. She was a Velcro baby. She stayed right close to mom and that’s also grandma out there. She’s going between the two where she’ll feel safe. She’s kind of wondering around, she’s sniffing the grass, she’s looking at the other animals. But she does stick close enough where she can get back to a safe place if she feels the need to.”

Amali was born on July 29, but she is watched closely by zoo keepers before being unveiled to the public. She weighed in at 82 pounds when she was born. Amali is a Grevy’s Zebra which is a very endangered species. There were an estimated 5,800 Grevy’s zebras in the wild in the 1980s. Today, there are about 2,800, according to the African Wildlife Foundation.

Click here to see the video in this report from KLTV in Tyler.

Click here to find out more about the Caldwell Zoo.

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