The approved school snack list is being phased in at several Louisiana schools. Vending machine items have to be included on the approved snack list

For the past couple of years, major changes have been made to school lunches.
here are some of the standards:

1. Students must be offered both fruits and vegetables every day
2. Whole grain-rich foods mandatory
3. Only fat-free or low-fat milk varieties
4. Limited calories based on the age of children
5. Reducing the amounts of saturated fat, trans fats and sodium.

Students are beginning to get used to the changes in the lunchroom, but this fall there will be big changes in the vending machines and snacks sold at schools.

Vending Snacks Meeting Recommended Criteria

  • 150 calories or less
  • 35% of total calories from fat or less
  • 10% of total calories from saturated fat or less 30 g of sugars or less
  • 360 mg of sodium or less per serving

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