Most likely, if you asked folks in Louisiana which city pays the most in sales tax, they'd say, "Mine!"

Actually, when putting together your list of the sales tax rate in the largest cities, you start with 4.45%. That's the state rate that's been in place since 2018 when Governor John Bel Edwards and the mostly republican state legislature increased the rate because of a projected budget shortfall of of over a half-a-billion dollars.

And then local government wants their piece of the pie. Did you know that Louisiana law allows local governments to tax the price of commerce up to 7%? Luckily, none of the state's largest cities have maxed out that amount, though one or two do, as we'll see, come pretty close.

So, who has the highest combined (state and local rate) sales tax rate in Louisiana? The two with the highest would be Shenandoah with a total rate of 10.44% and Central at 10.45%. Pretty hefty, for sure. But for our purposes, we're narrowing down our search for the Sales Tax Rates in Louisiana's Top Ten Cities, from number 10 down - or up - to number 1.

Sales Tax rates in Louisiana's Top 10 Cities

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