A new superhero movie dropped on Netflix today called "Project Power", and there's a lot of buzz about it online. The movie is considered a "superhero" movie, but it has a little bit of a fresh take on the genre.

But the first thing that caught our attention was the Steve Gleason New Orleans Saints jersey worn by Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character in the trailer, and this sneak peek clip from IGN...

It fits perfectly, since the film is centered around, and filmed in, New Orleans.

The movie concept is based around a pill that you can take, and it will give you superpowers for 5 minutes. But the catch is, you don't know what your superpower is until you take it for the first time. Is your superpower something cool, or is it highly destructive and deadly?

Oh, and evil people are trying to weaponize the pill so they have to be stopped. Again, it's a superhero movie.

But the cast is pretty stellar. Staring Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, it also features up-and-coming star Dominique Fishback.

With New Orleans as the setting for the movie, there are plenty of references to the plight of the city. Even some overtones of the lasting impacts of Hurricane Katrina. But the city also provides some settings for the film as well, including the abandoned Six Flags amusement park. 

There are a lot of spoiler-filled reviews already out on the movie, and the reactions from critics seem mixed, but none of them have stated that it's a terrible film. From most of what I've read, they really just wanted to see more done with such a cool concept.


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