Rush recently discussed an article in the NY Post that suggested The Sopranos star James Gandolfini had a heart attack due to what would end up being his final meal.

"What he had for dinner killed him! It fits right in line with all of the stuff that you've heard over the years about what you shouldn't eat," said Rush. "So I fully expect the death certificate will mention the cause of death as eight adult beverages, two orders of fried king prawns, and a 'large portion' of foie gras. Now, he had a heart attack."

The article actually states, "It's entirely believable that that meal could have been what led to Gandolfini's death."

He certainly did not spare anything to enjoy in what he thought was just another meal. You see, everything mentioned in his meal has been decided as unhealthy for you; from the fried food to the alcohol. The media, as always, is (no pun intended) eating this up.

Rush goes back a few years and looks at the investigation in Michael Jackson's passing, which went further than 60 days before he died. It was a long bout of sleep deprivation that led to Jackson's neurological problems.

In Gandolfini's case, the media is saying, 'lets not go back any further. Let's look at his last supper and blame it on the one meal full of fried foods and alcohol.

"You have to really ask yourself why you think that. You have got to really ask yourself why you think a single final meal could cause this. That is a great illustration and an example of how you have been propagandized by the food Nazis like the people at the Center for Science in the Public Interest," Rush explained.

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