I sure don't want to write this, but it's time. If you listened this morning to KEEL, you have heard that my buddy, Robert J. Wright has decided to retire.

He's been thinking about it for a few months, but broke the news to me a couple of months ago. Robert turns 70 on April 28 and is in perfect health. He wants to stop now so he can enjoy life and travel and sleep late. He told me "you never know when your health might take a turn". The way he phrased it hit home for me. Robert's last day on Shreveport radio will be Friday, April 29.

I can not tell you how much Robert means to me and my family. My boys call him "Uncle Bob". They love him like an Uncle. He has been in their life since they were 2 and 3. I think they aged him a few years early on when they would visit the studio.

But my heart is so heavy today. I have been dreading this announcement and scared about writing this message to you. Robert means the world to me. He is irreplaceable.

Things will never be the same for KEEL listeners or for me. Yes we will find another co-host. But you and I both know it won't be the same. Robert has such an amazing way of telling a story and looking at a new perspective. We like to say he drives the train and I take it off the tracks. Some of those moments made for amazing radio and the chemistry we have together is unmatched.

I am stealing and paraphrasing a line from one of our favorite movies, Shawshank Redemption to say "Those of us who know him best will talk about him often. I swear the stuff he pulled. It will make me sad, though, Robert being gone. I guess I'll just miss my friend"

Check out these photos from some of our amazing days in radio. You might spot someone you know.

Robert J. Wright Is Retiring

After 50 years in radio and 25 years as partners with Erin McCarty on K945, KVKI and KEEL, Robert will retire at the end of April. Here's a look back as some of our favorite moments.


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