Things will be a little bit different around KEEL over the next couple of weeks. Things will sound a bit different if you are a regular listener. We got some news on Monday that had our entire staff scrambling.
I'll just put it out there (with his permission of course), Robert J. Wright has COVID-19. Now, don't go getting all worked up about his health. Robert is doing fine and I am sure he will recover with no troubles.
On Monday morning, he was struggling a bit with what he thought were his usual sinus issues. He whines a bit, so I really didn't pay much attention to him. Sorry, BOB.

But boy did things change after we left work. He was planning to bring his car in but as he was going over the Cross Lake Bridge, he started to feel terrible and a fever came over him. He quickly changed his plan of bringing the car in and went and got a test. But he would not get that back for a few days. So we got him in to a rapid test site and he was told immediately he tested positive.
So what that means for us is that Rueben Wright (our producer) and myself have to be quarantined for 14 days. Robert has to be out for at least 10 days.

I will be working from home. Matt Parker is stepping back in the producer chair for today. Greg Atoms is stepping up to do everything.....I think he might even be cooking Robert's meals and delivering them. I'm joking. Also I have to thank our amazing engineer, Greer Harris. He has spent many hours making sure we were all set up to broadcast remotely and I'm not the easiest person to guide through this process.

But I can not thank these guys enough for stepping up and adjusting their lives on a moments notice.
As far as Robert goes. He is doing fine. No fever last night and says he feels fine. I have my son on standby to bring his Uncle Bob whatever he needs.
Rueben and I will be tested today and we pray that we get good news.

But please keep Robert in your prayers.

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