The recent rise in coronavirus cases across the state has Governor John Bel Edwards and many state officials concerned about the well-being of Louisiana residents.

At a recent press conference, Governor Edwards said:

Flattening the curve isn’t something you do once and forget about it...we still have the disease. It’s still contagious. It is still deadly. We can easily see the gains we’ve made evaporate.

The governor also talked about how he's not currently moving back the phased reopening of Louisiana.  As of now, he's sticking to his original plan.

Our neighbors to the east in the Acadiana region are experiencing steep inclines in cases, spikes in hospitalizations, and other criteria officials use to decide whether to continue reopening. Dr. Alex Billioux, assistant secretary for the state’s Office of Public Health said at the press conference:

We’re seeing a rate of rise that in two weeks could make us look like Texas or make us look like Mississippi or Arkansas.

Since June 10, state health officials have reported 4,333 new positive cases of COVID-19 (after removing the number of reported backlog cases from the complete total of 5,022 cases reported since June 10.)

Governor Edwards is expected to announce whether or not he will move Louisiana into the third phase of reopening this coming Monday.

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