State Representative Danny McCormick talks about the "mask mandate" by Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins and how he sees this order as an infringement on personal freedom.

On Monday, Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins issued an order mandating the wearing of masks by all patrons of businesses across the city. Details of the mayor's order are forthcoming, but the first term state representative takes issue with what he says the order represents.

"I'm a pro-liberty guy," says McCormick, "I think that everybody who wants to wear a mask should be allowed to wear one. I also think that anybody who doesn't want to wear a mask shouldn't be required to."

McCormick goes on that those who don't want to wear a mask or see them as unnecessary are being targeted. "The problem right now, according to our government officials, is people not wearing masks. They can't help but try to take our liberty. They wouldn't be good tyrants if they didn't do that."

"If the government can mandate you to wear a mask," McCormick continues, "They can mandate you stick a needle in your body against your will. They can require you to put a microchip in your body. It's about obedience."

Then the Vivian rep uses his strongest language to explain why he opposes the mask mandate. "It's completely one hundred percent tyrannical. What we have to ask ourselves is, 'Is the government better at controlling our freedom or is the individual better at controlling our freedom?'"



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