Political analyst Scott Hughes talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty about this fall's elections, including local district Senate and House races and the election for Governor.

In what may be the hottest local race, Hughes tells KEEL listeners that "I like (Greg Tarver's) chances to get reelected, even in a field of four." But he adds that this go 'round may be tougher than Tarver's previous elections. "Greg normally counts on a number of white Republicans in north Caddo Parish. But when you look at the first round, if he has two African-American challengers in the city and a he's got a Republican male running up in the country, he could get sliced and diced in the primary."

Tarver has filed lawsuits against two opponentsm State Rep. Barbara Norton and Shreveport attorney Shante Wells, claiming that neither are legal residents of the Senate district.

Regarding the race for Governor, Hughes says, "We're looking at a three person race. Can John Bel get 51% in this first round. That's the key thing to watch.I think you have a frontrunner, John Bel Edwards, can he get to 51%? Today, I say yes."

Edwards faces the biggest challenges from two Republican candidates, Congressman Ralph Abraham and New Orleans businessman Eddie Rispone.














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