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Political analyst Scott Hughes talks about the upcoming Presidential debate, what Trump and Biden will highlight and why there are still undecided voters.

The debate is scheduled for 8pm (CDT) this evening at Cleveland's case Western Reserve University. The event will be moderated by Fox News' Chris Wallace. You can hear this evening's debate, brought to you by Acadiana Mortgage, starting at 8 on 101.7 / 710 KEEL or by downloading the free KEEL app.

"We haven't seen this candidates together," Hughes begins, "So, in a way it's a reset. We're looking for that head to head competition when, inevitably, Trump goes after Biden and Biden goes after Trump."

Hughes then talks about what he thinks will be the President's strategy "that Biden's not capable or have the energy. But, one thing Trump has to be careful of that he may have set very low expectations (for Biden). He's set the expectation that Joe Biden can't do a debate. So, if Biden comes out...he may look good simply by getting through the debate."

And for Biden, Hughes says, "He'll go after Trump on what is clearly perceived as the President's biggest weakness and that's the Coronavirus. Polling shows that that's one one the areas the President do very well on."

And then he talks about the undecided voter, the small percentage that the candidates need to persuade. "When you look at polling both (candidates) are sitting at least about 45%, fairly strong, But the only thing that really matters is the polling in about seven states. When you really break it down, you're really only looking at about 10% of the electorate right now. So, where do these swing voters go?"

Hear this evening's debate, brought to you by Acadiana Mortgage, starting at 8 on 101.7 / 710 KEEL or by downloading the free KEEL app.


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