A recent poll showed the majority of Americans don't think our country needs to get involved with Syria's civil war. Parker Ward is among them, and he's scheduled a protest against U.S. military action in Syria.

"There are a lot of conservative Republicans, Libertarians, even Democrats, who are opposed to this process of intervening in Syria," Ward says. "And we know that the Constitution states that congress has the sole power to declare war in any conventional and non-conventional warfare. And I believe that we're getting involved in a civil war that's none of our business."

Ward says this is a non-partisan protest, and he has called and emailed state and federal lawmakers to invite them to the event. We know that U.S. Congressman John Fleming won't be able to attend. He was the first of our state's delegation to speak out against military action in Syria. Now, Senator David Vitter has issued a statement saying he, too, will vote no on the issue.

Ward tells KEEL News he's not expecting things to get out of control at Saturday's rally. "We won't let that happen," he says. "I will be in contact with the Shreveport Police Department. It's going to be peaceful, just like in times past. If things get out of hand, I will ask them to leave, or I will call the police and have them escorted off."

If you want to be part of the protest, just show up at the corner of Youree Drive and E. 70th Street at 6 o'clock Saturday evening. Ward says feel free to bring your signs and American flags with you.