Two Americans were captured last week by the U.S-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.  The man you see above is 34 year old Warren Christopher Clark, aka Abu Mohammad al-Ameriki.  Clark is a former teacher from Texas who actively sought out the Islamic State (ISIS) while he was still living in the United States.

Although the capture has not been confirmed by U.S. military sources, Huffington Post reports that the former ESL (English as a second language) teacher attended the University of Houston and was actively trying to gain a position with ISIS since 2004.   According to the report,  "A copy of his resume and cover letter seeking a job as an English teacher were found in an Iraq neighborhood that had been taken over by ISIS fighters."

Prior to Clark's involvement with the terrorist organization, he worked as a substitute ESL teacher from August of 2008 to November of 2010 in Fort Bend, Texas.  A statement from the Pentagon states that the matter is currently under investigation.

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