With election day closing in, the most heated Presidential campaign in more than a century is drawing to a close. And a big part of the contest has been numerous - and not so kind - rumors about the candidates.

When it comes the Democrat nominee Joe Biden, the gossip heard most often is that he - if elected - will be only a caretaker-President, a man who will hold the office for a few months until the party's king (or queen) makers decide it's time for a change...and for Vice President Kamala Harris to take over.

So, if all this talk should come to fruition and he were to resign or be removed (by his own party!) would he go down in history as one of the Presidents who spent the least time as the occupant of the Oval Office. Or, as one pundit cynically wrote, "Joe Biden will make William Henry Harrison (31 days) look like Franklin Roosevelt (12 years, two months).

Here they are...the list of Presidents Who Served the Shortest Time in Office!

Presidents Who Served the Shortest Time in Office

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