Let's look at the numbers. Last Friday afternoon the price of regular gas at one Youree Drive gas station was $2.48. The following morning at 9 it had risen to $2.69. And now, those seem like the good old days. In less than a week it's climbed another buck and a half to well over $4 a gallon.

So, what are we supposed to do?

Well, according to a just released AAA survey 59% of Americans say they have already made or plan to make lifestyle changes.

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getty images

AAA spokesperson Don Redmon says he's seen this before. “You saw this kind of behavior back in 2008 when we saw $4.00 a gallon, suddenly a few more people were carpooling."

And he says it's mostly younger folks who are the first to alter their lifestyle. "18 to 34 year-olds are almost three times as likely as those 35 and over to consider carpooling," he adds, "Those 35 and older are more likely to reduce shopping or dining out."

AAA’s survey also found that more than half of Americans have plans to take a vacation this summer. Of those, 42% said they would not consider changing their travel plans regardless of the price of gas.

gas prices
gas prices

But what about you? With the price of gas continuing to climb combined with the less than inspirational leadership of the President and his minions, have you made changes in your day-to-day life to save fuel / money? Are you combining trips? Skipping the evening outing or shopping excursion?

Or are you in spot where things are a little more severe? Are you curtailing extra curricular activities for yourself or your kids? Or even worse, have you been forced to choose between buying gas and paying your bills?

Take the poll and let us know. With gas prices well over $4 a gallon almost everywhere across the Ark-La-Tex, have made adjustments - big or small - in your day-to-day life to save money at the pump?

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