Police Chief Ben Raymond says the needs of his department are urgent and he is encouraging voters to support proposition 2 on the November 16th ballot.


In fact, the chief was concerned to learn the police union did not support the proposal. But he tells KEEL News only 23 people were in the room when the union voted on the measure and he did not think that is an accurate sampling of his department. So, the chief did his own survey.

Chief Technology Officer Keith Hanson set up an online poll for him and the results of that poll are now in.

336 officers took the poll. 70.8% say they support the bond proposal for police and fire.
29.2 say they don't support the proposal. Some officers claimed this poll was coercion and they did not feel comfortable responding even though the Chief made it clear it would be anonymous.

Hanson tells us there is "absolutely zero possibility for me to find out who voted in that poll. It was purposefully set up that way."

KEEL News spoke with the Chief about the needs in his department to find out which items are critical.


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