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A little too much excitement for a local pilot after making his approach into the Downtown Airport last Saturday night.

Love Shreveport Facebook reported the incident that happened as the plane was taxiing at a pretty good speed still down the runway.

Shreveport Fire Department responded to the Downtown Airport on Airport Drive after receiving the call on Saturday, August 5, 2023 at 9:42PM for an Aircraft Emergency Alert 3 call.

The aircraft, a small two passenger plane, was making a landing when the pilot, Mr. Kinsey, noticed a deer running onto the runway in front of his plane.

“This is why I fly with a go pro!! My wife has waited 2 years and after I have accumulated over 200 hours, I crash my plane.  I'm gutted!!  We are both safe. the plane suffered major damage.” Mr. Kinsey stated.


At one point SFD had 16 units on this scene. The video also shows the damage to the aircraft caused by the deer.


Different Aviation Alerts

According to,  an Alert 3 indicates that: aircraft has crashed on or off the airport, or there is a high probability the aircraft will crash, or the pilot has indicated that the aircraft landing gear will not work and, therefore, the pilot will have to crash land on the airport.


Alert 1: Indicates an aircraft is having minor difficulties (i.e., minor oil leak; one engine out on a three or four-engine commercial aircraft or one engine out on a two-engine general aviation aircraft; fire warning lights; etc.). A safe landing is expected.


Alert 2: Indicates that an aircraft is having major difficulties (i.e., a positive indication of fire on board the aircraft; faulty landing gear; no hydraulic pressure; engine failure on a two-engine large aircraft; etc.). A difficult or crash landing may be expected.



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