What is the fastest growing sport in Shreveport Bossier? It's pickleball. In fact, this hybrid game is is the fastest growing sport in the U.S. Many thought it was a sport for the older crowd, but that has changed dramatically over the past 2 years.

Pickleball is attracting the young and old from coast to coast. In Shreveport Bossier, Pickleball courts are popping up at facilities across the community. So what is this sport? It's a combination of tennis, ping pong and badminton. It was actually invented way back in 1965. But it has been spreading rapidly over the past five years.

Shreveport Bossier Pickleball
Shreveport Bossier Pickleball

You use a paddle that's a little bit bigger than a ping pong paddle and a plastic whiffle ball. You can play it singles or doubles. Why is it growing so fast? It is easier on the body and it is very easy to learn. You can walk onto a court pretty quick and learn how to play.

What Are the Basic Rules of Pickleball?

1. The serve must be done underhand
2. The serve must land beyond the no-volley zone line
3. There are no “lets” on the serve
4. The serve and return must bounce
5. Only groundstrokes in the no-volley zone
6. Points are earned only when you’re serving
7. The game is played to 11

Shreveport Bossier Pickleball FB
Shreveport Bossier Pickleball FB

Where can you play pickleball in Shreveport Bossier?


Advanced Beginner Bootcamp 1 Tuesday 8/23/22 & Thursday 8/25/22. They are both evening sessions starting at 7pm. Only 4 student players per 1 coach. Bootcamps hosted by Querbes Pickleball Pro a former division II college tennis player and certified Pickleball coach. Reserve a spot by messaging (985) 960-3944.

Christ United Methodist Church (CUMC) (indoor) 3 courts $1 guest fee.
Open Rec Play
Sunday 3-6pm
Thursday 6-8pm
Info call Mark Bray (318) 344-3231
Cypress Baptist Church in Benton (CBC) (indoor) 2 courts Free no guest fee.
Open Rec Play
Tuesday 730-930pm
Info call Mike Zeigler (318) 267-6414
Hooter Park in Bossier (HP) (indoor) 2 courts Free no guest fee.
Open Rec Play
Available Monday & Wednesday through Friday 930-1130am
Men’s Group Play
Tuesday 930-1130am
Info call Mike Zeigler (318) 267-6414
Noel Methodist Church (NMC) (indoor) 3 courts FREE no guest fee.
Ladies Only Open Rec Play
Wednesday & Friday 1130am till 130pm
Info call Ginger Streeter (318) 518-1395
Querbes Tennis Center (QTC) (outdoor)
2 courts $5 guest fee for 2 hours.
Court Reservations 7 days a week during normal operating hours, call QTC clubhouse (318) 673-7787 for more information or sign up on Querbes app.
Shady Grove Community Center (SGCC) (indoor) 1 Court FREE no guest fee.
Open Rec Play
Wednesday & Friday 11am till 2pm
Skills & Drills
Wednesday & Friday 10-11am
Men’s Group Play
Monday 12-2pm
Info call James Morgan (318) 741-8358
Southern Hills (SH) (outdoor) 6 courts $5 guest.
Open Rec Play
*Monday through Thursday 6-9pm
*please call clubhouse for Tu -Th court availability due to league play.
Friday 5-8pm
Saturday 8am till 12pm
Sunday 2-5pm
Ladies Only Open Rec Play
Tuesday & Thursday 9am-12pm for info call Ginger Streeter (318) 518-1395.
Court reservations available 7 days a week call Jill Zimmer (318) 673-7784
The Training Ground (TTG) (indoor) 3 courts $5 guest fee.
Monday’s Skills & Drills 10-11am followed by Rec Play 11am till 2pm
Wednesday & Friday 11am till 2pm
Open Rec Play
Saturday 11am till 4pm
Court reservations available call (318) 716-1664.
YMCA of Northwest Louisiana (indoor) 3 courts $5 guest fee.
Open Rec Group Play
Monday & Wednesday 630-9pm
Many of the private clubs including Southern Trace, Pierremont Oaks, Eastridge and Bellaire also have pickleball and you can get details on guest fees on their websites.
There is a Facebook group for pickleball players in the local area which has details on tournaments and places where you can play around northwest Louisiana.

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