SHREVEPORT, LA – There is no doubt 2023 has been the year of Barbie. The movie was a smashing success. You found Barbie references everywhere. It seems we were surrounded by pink.

The Barbie toy has also had quite a resurgence. I am sure Santa will be delivering all kinds of Barbie dolls this year. But there is still one Barbie that has not been created yet. But that could change. There is a movement to get Mattel to make a Truck Driver Barbie.

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Barbie roared onto our store shelves way back in 1959 and there have been many versions. The varying versions have Barbie in more than 200 careers. But no Truck Driver Barbie. Could that change?

How to Sign the Petition to Create a Trucker Barbie

A group called TransForce is promoting a campaign to get Mattel to make a trucker Barbie. This group wants to showcase “inclusion for women in trucking”.

In a news release, the company says:

For decades, Barbie has been a symbol of empowerment for young girls, demonstrating through various professions that they can aspire to be anything they set their minds to. From soaring the skies as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force to exploring outer space as an astronaut and racing around tracks as a car driver, Barbie has been an inspiration for generations.

The group says introducing a Truck Driver Barbie can send a powerful message to young girls to let them know they are welcome in the transportation industry.

You can click on this link to sign the petition to push for a trucker Barbie.

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What is the most popular Barbie sold?

The best selling Barbie is the  Totally Hair Barbie which was released in 1992. Mattel has sold more than 10 million of these dolls. The Malibu Barbie from the 1970’s was also a very popular version. The astronaut Barbie has been a hot seller, too.

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