Even in a "free country", we have to have laws. Most of the time, these laws are put in place to protect a greater good in society. Obviously things like theft and murder are outlawed, but there are other less serious matters that still require some form of law and order. Like on the roadways.

Whether we like it or not, keeping drivers and vehicles on the roads lessened is a standard part of our society. We can find disagreements on how this process is handled from state to state, or what the costs involved are, but the basic idea is a good one. Because ultimately we're talking about large and heavy machines that can go really fast, and cause a lot of damage very quickly. Again, looking at the greater good, its important to track this kind of thing.

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But it doesn't have to be all rigid and boring. Many states offer ways to have fun with the licensing process through personalized (or vanity) license plates. That includes Louisiana.

If you want to, the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles will set you up with a personalized plate. As long as you're willing to pay extra for it, and follow some rules. The rules aren't about how you display your plate or anything like that. These rules are about the content of your personalized plate.


There are things the state will not let you put on these personalized plates. Some rules may seem obvious, like the fact you can't use a patented logo. But others are a little more interesting, like the fact you can't have amateur radio call signs on your plates.

Check out this list of examples of plates you can't have in Louisiana, and the rules that explain why:

Personalized License Plates That Aren't Legal in Louisiana

Personalized license plates are legal in Louisiana. They might cost a little more to have on your car, and there are rules, but you can get one if you really want. But you should check the rules on what is allowed before you set your heart on one. Here's a list of examples you CAN'T have in Louisiana.

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