Another controversy for Mayor Adrian Perkins. His transition team recently started paying off a $47,000 bill to the Shreveport Convention Center for inauguration events.

Matt Parker

KEEL News has been given the invoice of the charges which shows a large payment was made on Thursday once word of the bill had gotten out.

One payment of $7,265 was made April 16 and another payment for $7,000 was made May 9. The bill which is addressed to the Adrian Perkins Transition Team shows an outstanding balance of $12,853.

Perkins hosted an inaugural ball at the convention center on December 29th.

Perkins has asked the City Council to fund $40,000 for his transition team. He wants to take the money from the riverfront development fund, but the Council has not voted in favor of his request.

Here's the invoice: 

Some insiders say the $7,000 payment did come from the city's budget to pay for the swearing-in of the Mayor which many say would be an appropriate public expense.