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You don't need the United States Census Bureau to tell you people are leaving Shreveport. You can see yourself that the city is losing population, just drive around a bit. But if you want the US Census data, it backs it up. From 1980 through the year 2010, the city regularly hovered around 200,000 people in the population column. However the 2020 population for Shreveport dropped down to 187,593...the lowest number in a US Census for the city since 1970.

It's not just the numbers of people leaving, but the fact that the people that are leaving are productive members of the local society. If a bunch of criminals left the city, no one would be too upset. But the people leaving appear to be residents who are gainfully employed, and helping to build out a middle class for Shreveport.

But this new data compiled by the data collection website shows that those who are leaving Shreveport appear to be employable. Because they're leaving Shreveport to take jobs in other places.

Stacker grabbed more data from the United States Census Bureau to compile this list. They used the US Census Bureau's "Jobs to Jobs Flow" metric to see who is leaving Shreveport, and where they are going. They then helped compile a ranking of the metro areas that are leading the way.

You may not be shocked to see cities like Dallas and New Orleans on the list, but there are some surprises. Including Phoenix, Lake Charles, and Monroe. See if there are any other areas that surprise you:

Metro Areas Taking The Most Jobs From Shreveport

The data collection website compiled US labor data from the Census Bureau "Jobs to Jobs Flow" metrics to find what metro areas are taking the most employees from the Shreveport area.


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