Shreveport Representative Barbara Norton is pushing a bill that would enforce pay equality between men and women in the private sector.

Dennis Foley
Dennis Foley

Currently only public sector employers must pay women the same salaries they pay men for the same jobs. A report says Louisiana ranks 48th in the nation in pay equality and Norton says something must be done.

Think about our moms, our sisters our daughters. They are being held back and that is not excusable. We should not hold women back when they have the same credentials and the same qualifications and are doing the same job.

The report shows women make 69 percent of what men make for the same job. Bills like this one have been filed before but have faced stiff opposition from the business lobbying groups. Opponents say measures like tyhis put an undue burden on business and open companies up for possible litigation.

The report also shows African American women are hit even harder, earning only 47 cents on the dollar when compared with what a while male makes. Norton says this is wrong and she wants to do something now to improve the quality of life for all women.

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