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Shreveport serial killer Danny Rolling has already had multiple documentaries, and major motion pictures, made about his life. Rolling's heinous crimes were locked into the American consciousness when they were used as the basis for the Scream movie franchise.

Rolling was known as The Gainesville Ripper as he terrorized the nation in August of 1990. During that month, Rolling had the college town of Gainesville, Florida on edge. The murders he was found guilty of were some of the most gruesome crimes of the 1990s in America.

But Danny Rolling wasn't a native of Gainesville, Florida. He really wasn't even a resident of the city. Danny Rolling was a native of Shreveport, Louisiana, born in the city in 1954. But he didn't just grow up in Shreveport, he also committed his first murders in the city.

Now a new documentary will follow a group of paranormal investigators as they looking into Danny Rolling's life and crimes. Looking into Rolling's claims that he was possessed by a demon named Gemini. The investigators in the documentary will even visit Shreveport as part of their investigation:

Investigators Cindy Kaza and Steve Shippy will be investigating the case, which will include a trip to Rolling's family home in Shreveport. From the sounds of the promos for the documentary, they will be conducting paranormal experiments in Shreveport in an attempt to contact Rolling's spirit.

Rolling grew up in Shreveport, and eventually pled guilty to one of the most terrifying crimes in the city's history.

After begin booted from the Air Force for drug possession, Rolling would eventually find love and get married. He and his wife welcomed their first child, but Rolling's mental state began to decline, ultimately ending their marriage after physical violence.

Rolling resorted to a life of crime, including multiple armed robberies, which would eventually land him in prison.


Once released from prison, he returned to Shreveport in 1989. In November of that year, Rolling lost his job, and in the same night committed one of the most disturbing crimes in Shreveport history. A crime that Rolling would confess to after being convicted of the Gainesville murders. The night he broke into a Shreveport home and killed three people, 24-year-old Julie Grissom, 55-year-old Tom Grissom, and eight-year-old Sean Grissom. Foreshadowing his Gainesville murders, Rolling positioned Julie's body after killing her.

The following year, in May of 1990, Rolling had another fight with his father. During this fight, Rolling pulled a gun and shot his father in the stomach and head. Rolling's father survived the shooting, but unfortunately lost the use of one eye, and one ear.

Just a few months later, Rolling was in Gainesville, committing the crimes that he would forever be known for. In Gainesville, Rolling killed 5 college students over the course of three days. Not only did Rolling kill the students, he posed their bodies to be discovered after he left. Rolling would quietly break into the residences, hide, and attack after the students returned home.

The crimes in Gainesville inspired writer Kevin Williamson to write the script for the movie Scream, which became one of the biggest horror movie franchises in history.

Now this new Discovery+ documentary will explore a side of the Rolling story that hasn't been documented before.

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