Imagine you go to your mailbox to get today's stash. You start sorting through all the junk mail, and something from the State of Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles catches your attention. You've already updated your registration, your tags are good, what could this possibly be?

To your shock, its a letter telling you that your drivers license is about to be revoked.

It has to be a scam, right? This is one of those scams you hear about on the news...they're going to want money, but you have to buy gift cards, wrap them in tinfoil, and send them in a book (stop laughing, this is really what the scammers convince old people to do). But in this instance, its not a scam, at least in the traditional way.

These letters were actually sent out from the State of Louisiana. Over 2,000 drivers have gotten them, and need to act. Otherwise they will lose their license.

This all stems from a "Public Tag Agent", or PTA, who failed to note the eye exam portion for drivers when they updated their license. Right now the state won't say where the location was, or how long it had been happening, so there might actually be more than 2,500 people who will be getting these letters.

Anyone who did get one of these letters just has to go to a State of Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles office, or PTA office, and take an eye exam. These exams will be free, and once the driver passes, they're good to go.

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