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To be clear, I am not an anti-vaxer. In fact, I annually get my flu vaccine praying the CDC guesses right each year for the prevalent strain.

Just last year in the months immediately prior to the COVID pandemic, after watching Terry Bradshaw warn the world about the pain of shingles, I received both shots of that vaccine.

When I was a youngster, when we really didn't even have a choice, I was given the polio vaccine. I even had all three of my sons vaccinated for everything from measles, mumps and rubella to a couple strains of hepatitis.

I'm also not a member of the conspiracy theory faction that believes the COVID vaccine is just a governmental plot to inject us all with some type of chip that can monitor our every movement. Trust me, they've got way bigger fish to fry than monitoring some old, overweight disc jockey in North Louisiana.

But, I have not gotten, and do not immediately plan to get, the COVID vaccine. I just don't believe it's been around long enough or had enough testing to prove a safe option for prevention of this dreaded illness.

And we are now seeing, it's also not a 100% guarantee that getting it will completely prevent contracting COVID.

In a story from KSLA, we see these numbers:

  • 19,200 new COVID-19 cases have been reported among Louisiana residents since May
  • 94% of those cases occurred among people who were not fully vaccinated.

What they aren't reporting is that 6% of those cases must have been from people who "thought" they were protected. That comes to 1,152 people who had taken the time and the possible risk to get either the one or two dose vaccines only to later contract COVID.

I'm not sure if it was the original COVID or the newly discovered "Delta Variant" and I'm sure it really doesn't matter to these people. They were vaccinated. They shouldn't have to worry about that. But, fact is, they did.

I just don't want those who HAVE been vaccinated to consider themselves bullet proof to this possibly lethal illness and I also don't want them to think less of me for electing to wait a little longer before I get it.

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