One officer in Baton Rouge is fired and another is suspended after the police chief releases details of an internal investigation into the death of Alton Sterling.

Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul has decided to fire officer Blane Salamoni in connection with the shooting death of Alton Sterling. Another officer, Howie Lake has been suspended for three days after results of an internal probe are released. Lake helped wrestle Sterling to the ground but did not fire his weapon that night.

Paul says Salamoni violated the use of force policy and displayed poor temperament. Graphic body camera video has been released and it shows a violent struggle before Salamoni fired six gun shots into the body of Sterling.
Police also released body camera footage and other videos of the officers’ deadly encounter with Sterling.

In the body camera footage of the encounter, an officer can be heard repeatedly using profanity as he shouts at Sterling and at one point threatens to shoot him in the head as Sterling asks what he did.

WARNING: These videos contain highly graphic footage and extreme language recorded on the body camera worn by the officers. Click here to see that video. And here is the link to the other video.

The death of Sterling sparked widespread protests in Baton Rouge.

The firing of Salamoni comes less than a week after State Attorney General Jeff Landry ruled out any criminal charges against the officers in connection with Sterling’s July 2016 death.

“My decision was not based on politics,” Paul said during a news conference. “It was not based on emotions. It was based on the facts of the case.”

Both officers have been on paid administrative leave since the shooting.

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