Shreveport, Bossier City, and much of Louisiana spent Monday under Winter Storm Warnings, Hard Freeze Warnings, or various different advisories due to winter weather. While many parents were concerned about road conditions, frozen pipes, and power outages, most area kids were excited about getting out to play in the winter precipitation.

Well, either that or they were glued to their alerts to see if Tuesday would be a snow day from school. Either way, most kids were dialed into the weather conditions, but for different reasons than their parents.

But there were also adults who had some childlike wonder with the winter weather. Even though we saw more freezing rain and sleet than snow, the lack of fort and snowman building wasn't stopping some adults from finding ways to enjoy this arctic blast. Like Shreveport resident Oksana Baiul.

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Yes, that Oksana Baiul (really how many are there) who won a Ladies Gold Medal for Figure Skating Singles at the 1994 Winter Olympics. She also won the World Championship in the same event in 1993.

Today, she may not have been winning an Olympic medal, but she was back on her her backyard in Shreveport.

Oksana and her children were able to enjoy some outdoor ice skating in Shreveport, which doesn't happen often. So its awesome to see them make the most of it.

In her Facebook post, she also mentioned that she hasn't been on her skates in a few years while living in Shreveport. That stunned us right away. Someone really needs to get her hooked up with the Shreveport Mudbugs so she can take advantage of the beautiful ice inside the historic Hirsch Coliseum.

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