Louisiana Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright about the growing number of Louisiana festivals, the results of the recent National Association of Lieutenant Governor's Convention and a special 4th of July message for the people of the state.

Nungesser tells KEEL listeners about the recent convention, held in New Orleans, saying, "The lieutenant governors are (very much) in tune with change on the local level. We get together and support - and ask our Congressional delegations to support - legislation on things important to the states."

Nungesser also emphasized the need for better inspection of seafood imported into Louisiana: "We've seen an influx of imports and less than one percent of the imports get inspected and a good portion of those are turned back because they're not safe. So, we're pushing legislation that would require a five or ten percent import fee - not a tax -so that we can hire inspectors to inspect this imported seafood."

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