Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser talks about the difficulties of promoting state tourism during the Coronavirus pandemic and the creative solutions he and his staff have implemented to keep one of Louisiana's major industries alive.

Nungesser admits that it's taken a lot of innovative thinking to continue to entice tourists to the state. "We're still asking people who feel comfortable and can safely get out and take a Louisiana road trip," he says, touting the idea of selling the state to its residents. "We have twenty one beautiful state parks. The last several weekends we saw record numbers. And we're asking folks to support those local businesses, restaurants and shops. We have historical districts and main streets and we have lots of great things to see in our small towns and cities all over Louisiana. It's an opportunity to get out, stay close to home and see part of the state that you haven't seen."

The Lieutenant Governor also concedes that, for now at least, New Orleans, the state's leading tourism destination, has fallen on hard times. "I'ts kind of tough. With the bars not's not come back as well as many other places in Louisiana. With all of the businesses not open in the Quarter, they're struggling more than other areas of the state."

And Nungesser touts an online program that's been around for awhile. "It's a program called Usership is up by 400%. There are 1800 tutors available to help kids with school and homework. There are tutors, teachers available on the site if you need help for your youngster."

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