Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser talks about a letter he recently wrote to President Donald Trump, asking for federal aid for the state's ailing seafood industry.

Nungesser says that his letter to Trump "was directed at the President giving some funds to fight the imports for the lobster industry along the east coast. (Meanwhile) the Louisiana - and the whole Gulf Coast - seafood industry has been through hurricanes, oil spills and more. We were left out of that (funding), so we're asking him, if he's going to give some funding out for the east coast, surely the best produced seafood in the world from the Gulf Coast, the whole Gulf Coast should get some of that help."

Nungesser adds that he has yet to hear from the President or his representatives and that he's also contacted the Louisiana Congressional delegation for added assistance. "We've been down here since they opened the spillway, since the hurricanes, the oil spills, plus the imports that have flooded the market and we've needed help long before this and we just hope that we can get some attention."

The Lieutenant also emphasizes the negative affect the COVID 19 shutdowns have had on the state. "The restaurants were shut down, the fisherman, the crawfish farmers, it all came to a halt," says Nungesser, "They're suffering just like all small business is suffering. That's why we're working so hard to safely get opened up."

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